🤞🏽more natural

Repost @rebekahnesbitt This is so correct. When I was much younger (below 14ish) I did not like English, did not enjoy reading and hated writing. In my first ‘big school’ they discovered I had a form of dyslexia and got the extra care I needed to highlight where I needed to pay more attention etc. From then on I have adored the study of English (especially english literature). Saw this picture and just felt a connection to being ‘stupid’ (I didn’t feel stupid as such but I felt ‘stupid’ at English) and wanted to say to people if you have dyslexia or something along the same lines, you are not ‘stupid’. You might actually be clever, even if people think you’re quite stupid – getting ‘easy’ spelling wrong etc. You are not!! (First class honours over here 💁🏻‍♀️😅). You might just need to time to find your flare!
Writing has seriously helped me through this brain injury. It’s allowed me to keep track of this journey (this blog) and it’s given me the platform to express myself. It’s also a real confidence boost now, yes I may have needed much more help physically, (particularly at the start of this tbi journey) but it’s allowed me to document my successes and it’s enjoyable and quite natural now. I hope this is how I will describe walking and balance in the future. ‘Yes, I wasn’t very good at the start of learning/trying do it at the start of this brain injury journey, but with time and on going practice it became easier and more natural 🤞🏼!’