Long time coming! 🙄

(This blog is called Long time coming as it has been a while since I’ve done I’ve blogged about Dermot Kennedy 🙄 a few days 😆)

Dermot Kennedy…I’m still a huge fan! Today I introduced a friend to ‘Better Days’ – this made me listen to it and think how it has been my brain injury anthem since I heard it all those months ago!

Made me think about the some lyrics and how much I could relate to it:

‘We never miss the flowers
Until the sun’s down
We never count the hours
Until they’re runnin’ out
You’re on the other side of the storm now
You should be so proud
And better days are comin’
Better days are comin’ for you’

I can relate to these lyrics all so much about tbi. I didn’t realize how much is missed in life until now when some ‘basic things’ are a struggle. But I’m on the other side of this Tbi storm (nearly)… and I am proud. Better days are coming for me! That’s just a section of the song I can relate but there is a lot.

Here is Dermot own description:

“This is a song about patience. It’s about believing in something brighter, and never losing sight of better days, no matter how hard things might get.’

This was put on his Instagram. I am only 1 person but I can confirm he’s done this for me!