Sleep Cove 💤

As you may be aware sleep is the number 1 tool to fight against a traumatic brain injury. At least for me there is no medication/surgery to fix mine. I was told the number 1 tool to use for fighting a traumaticbrain injury is sleep!

I have (from a young age) never been a good sleeper! At night nevermind during the day!! So this has proven a hard task to follow trying to ‘nap’ during the day. I have found a podcast on Spotify call Sleep Cove. Which is a relaxing podcast to try and help individuals drift off to sleep! It has been put together by a hypnotherapist Christopher Fitton and I can say it really helps me get my mind get in a relaxed and smooth-like frame of mind for sleeping!

Why not give it a try and get a great night (or days!) sleep!