Re:bekah (rebroken!) tbi (to be informed)

25th September 2016

My life was altered. For better or worse? Who knows yet.

About me: I’m a 24 year old girl at the time. Not really any worries. Happy enough with most things. Happy in life and with most things. Planning my life and planning a wedding felt like a lucky girl still feel like a lucky girl I’m here to keep enjoying life have to remember that makes me lucky.

Other stuff: I’m quite girly. I love animals. I have two chihuahuas. I was on the way to the horses when the crash happened. I have always told the same story – though we’ll never know for sure – but it makes sense noting all I have told you already about loving animals, riding horses and having 2 chihuahuas. I think it was avoiding a cat. White and ginger to be exact. We will never know for sure but if that meant a wee creature didn’t die and I could help other people by sharing my experience, I would definitely NOT say it was worth it but at least I can try and make the most of it.