Fall in love

You might have fallen in love before. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s been decided. I’ve done a blog on loving myself but irritating Trevor came along a caused major problems for reBROKEN Rebekah She needs to try and fall in love with herself. If she hates her body and brain they will not want to […]

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others terms

It’s Sunday. Day off. No one here. I should be happy but I’m not. Woke up wailing. I’m just so sad. I probably paint quite a positive picture. Which is true at the time of me writing the blog. But writing really helps me. I suppose it could be like counseling yourself. You go get […]

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My mind set is okay I feel. It goes up and down but obviously we should all try to keep our mindset up there…

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Instagram flashback…

Before any of this nightmare had started… I’d be married now and wouldn’t know anything of traumatic brain injuries… how lucky I’d be, 5 minutes earlier or later on the road 2020 would be miles different than being in this present which seems like my personalized hell were I’m not owning my own life. …but […]

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