Basically everyone who has ever been in my life. Whether it’s shown me love, taught me things, all of it the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you. You’ve helped me become the person I am (and I quite like her, this is another thing the tbi has done cause me to struggle with […]

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Thank you always

Mum and I out for the final nhs clap! 👏🏼 thank you nhs ❤️ #nhs #thankyouGlad I could stand outside to clap to say thank you! If it was not for all those heroes I may not be here never mind standing outside! THANK YOU ALWAYS! #braininjury

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Recovery is SO HARD

It’s literally impossible to put into words. I think I am just crazy sad and frustrated. No point of this. Sadly no in-depth skills or strategy for recovery just wanted to vent and make a record so I clearly remember how much of a nightmare and challenge I was in in years to come.

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Back again!

Back in mine and James’s house. Before this tbi stuff I was the main chef, as I love cooking! But tonight James showed his culinary skills! Also a nice day chilling with Alfie! ❤️

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Special trip during lockdown!

As you know from my last blog, I am VERY close to my grandparents. Well today was a very special day! My glamorous granny’s 87th birthday! So my mum and I and James went to see her at her door and had a wee social distance party! We were even joined by other family members […]

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Day 10

Day 10 The first place you’ll go when lockdown is over. My granny’s house. My grandparents looked after me every day from I was like 1 until I was like 13/14 so the bond is special. Apart from the period of time I was in hospital due to brain injury and obviously couldn’t leave when […]

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