How to be a hero…

I’d say quite a lot of population would leap at the chance to be labelled a ‘hero’… Well now is your chance! Artist @henryfraser0 that I’ve written about before has the right idea. He put in his instagram story: Be a hero. Stay at home. That idea is 100% correct!

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I think that last blog was just a wake up thought…I’m not at all a shell of what I used to be. Maybe I’m different. Maybe a shell of the superficial things. But feel like I’m now a person full of gratefulness, gratitude, not interested in the superficial and appreciation of a lot more both […]

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Sometimes bad things happen

As I have got the new Disney Plus that I told you about yesterday, James and I put it to good use today! We watch the new computer animated lion king! 🦁 I loved it and whatever lion king you watch there is great lessons in both of them! “Sometimes bad things happen and there’s […]

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I can do it!

Got sent this today by a friend and I really love it ❤️ it was the lift I needed and I think very evident for the human race. You can do more than you think. It’s just having the I CAN DO IT mindset!

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Super Saturday!

After the super physio (with Robert) I wrote about earlier the day kept getting better! Went down to my own house with James for the afternoon. Haven’t really been down there in the past few weeks as I have been trying to cut back on my travelling around to avoid anything to do with the […]

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