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Happy International Day of People with Disabilities 2020!! Celebrating the global achievements of every individual living with a disability 🧡⠀

Fitting to flash back to the moment in time where I wrote this in my journal after the week I’ve had 🧠🤯….⠀

I remember this feeling all too well, and unfortunately it’s a part of recovery and a part of brain injury we all go through. I didn’t know who I was anymore, but I also didn’t know who I wanted to be. ⠀

I know who I want to be now..⠀

I want to be the Lauren that is passionate about helping people, the Lauren that loved dancing and being part of a team, the Lauren that would always do what was right, the Lauren that stands by her friends no matter what, the Lauren that is goal driven and determined, and the Lauren that just wants to be happy.⠀

That’s the Lauren I’m fighting for now 💪🏻🧡🦋⠀