behind the scenes!

(Trying this blog again as the video didn’t work the first time on the computer!)

This video was taken from behind to show me the support I’m getting from behind. It made me feel confident, I really don’t think it looks like loads of support. Much less than I used to need.

My homework for this week is work on my posture all the time even when I’m just sitting ‘relaxing’ and keep my pelvis forward, work on balance even in sitting (you need sitting balance before you move on to standing and walking!) and try not to over use my right hand…so probably gonna cut down my blogging! But it won’t mean I’ll stop completely! This blog is mainly for me to keep track of my journey so any big changes to me in recovery so I’ll definitely still keep that going for big things!

I love writing too, it keeps my brain engaged so it doesn’t get lazy and my writing through recovery has been my saving grace. I may not be the constant gym goer version of my self, the dancing Rebekah has been taken away for the mean time but the Rebekah who loves English and writing has never vanished.