BBC Radio

Today with BIM ( myself and a few other service users were interviewed for BBC Radio Ulster ( about our brain injuries and what BIM has done for us and how productive they have been over this pandemic.

They have been super productive by having our groups, art classes, yoga classes, mindfulness and many more over zoom.

In general since my brain injury and getting out of hospital, BIM have been a constant and supportive team for me, introducing me to new hobbies and allowing me to meet other people effected by brain injury. This has been a really positive support as it has let me to see the possible outcome of hard work after brain injury and has allowed me to experience different activities that help recovery and just general brain stimulation hopefully helping damaged pathways.

So I did this interview to big up the marvellous work of Brain Injury Matters and hopefully allow people to hear what a great charity they are straight from the (service users) horses mouth!

(Getting ready to leave the house for the interview)

I will let you know in due course when the interview is aired. Stay tuned for further updates 😝