Swimming, so good

This morning I went back to swimming! Swimming is so good for your body whether it’s in recovery for brain injury or some kind of muscle rehab and just fitness! Basically it’s just good for you (the mind) and the body.

Getting ready to go swimming today!

COVID-19 has really put a halt on me swimming for like 9 months ish – I’m just back 3 weeks and I can already see the benefits! But also I can see the benefits of my continued physio at sessions and stretching/physio at home with my dad has done for me!

I’m much better at walking, knee bending (both knees), left arm pushing, floating balance, just serious improvements in general I felt! Hopefully I’m on the recovery train for the long run, with no delays for any other (health/head/other) things!

Here is the website to lisnasharragh leisure centre! It’s got really good facilities for all!