Repeat repeat…

This blog is a major repeat! But I don’t really care ❤️I just love this song!…

I heard the acoustic version of Better Days by @dermotkennedy

It’s so good to be hearing be such encouraging lyrics, encouraging for everyone whatever their situation but for me personally on my brain injury journey: ‘you’re on the other side of the storm now, you should be so proud’ – my brain injury storm, maybe not quite the other side yet but getting closer! ‘The rain it ain’t permanent and soon we’ll be dancing in the sun’ – Dermot nevermind dancing with you (though that would be nice 🤪) I just wanna be able to be dancing in the sun by myself or with anyone!! 🥰🤞🏼

‘Your story’s gonna change, just wait for BETTER DAYS’

(I received a gift of a T-shirt with the message he had written on it! ❤️)

But back to the song. Its so correct,

‘We never miss the flowers until the suns down. We never count the hours until there running out’

I NEVER imagined a situation like this when ‘I had it all’…