You can’t live by regret

First week down with MNC and it’s been great. Still can’t walk independently but they have worked with my body which has allowed me to see how tight and stiff my (working muscles nevermind unworking) are.

The physiotherapists there clearly really know their stuff and quite quickly my body and to top it all off they are really nice people!

On a different point I have come to the conclusion I may not get as far as hoped with the independent walking in the short period I am here. I had a dreamy idea that these two weeks would fix me, but I have realized/come to more realistic the conclusion this brain injury struggle is so much deeper than even I thought. I had known it was really bad but I have accepted being here that no one should live regretting doing something if at the time it made them happy and fulfilled at one point. So I don’t regret anything in life that has happened. (Obviously I wish i didn’t attain this brain injury) but I don’t want to live by regret so I am accepting and growing.

After the first week of hard work the lovely Linda and I decided to take ourselves out for a relaxing and very tasty dinner!