The shop of Eden.

Today was a great success!

Myself, my mum and the great Sophie went looking for bridesmaid dresses!

Sophie has been the greatest since my accident, she came to the hospital every Friday to see me faithfully, has been a great un-judgmental friend through all this brain injury malarkey, she is a knowledgeable occupational therapist so always gives me tips dealing with this tbi situation, just cares (I have known this for a long time) but it was made 100% evident the past few years.

So from this she was the obvious choice as my bridesmaid. We went back to the wonderful Eden Bridal!

I got my wedding dress there a few weeks ago and Kimberley (the owner/manager) is fantastic. So today I got the lovely job of looking at the dresses for my dear bridesmaid, Sophie to try on. They were all absolutely glorious but Sophie and I agreed on the bridesmaid dress we wanted!

After picking the beautiful bridesmaid dress myself, Sophie and my Mum went for dinner at Il pirata! It was absolutely beautiful and a lovely spot to relax, have a cocktail and discuss the days success!

Would recommend if you’re looking for a evening to go out and chill in the east of the city.