Your effort and constant commitment

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This was definitely not always the case. For a long time (definitely for the first year or so maybe even up to 3 or 4) Yes I was focused on myself but letting other people journeys/speed of success effect how I felt (discouraged about my own speed/accomplishments) but it has taken me 5 years at home (6 years since my accident) to really come to terms that everyone speed of recovery is different, it doesn’t mean you’re not as good a person or not as hard working just it’s taking your body longer to heal or maybe your injury was different/more severe. It makes me think of children growing in height! Just cos your the first to reach tallest in your class does not make your a stronger/smarter/better person and vice versa for the smallest! I was a taller girl in primary school ended up being one of the smallest in big school! Makes no difference to your long term success, what can do that is your effort and constant commitment to your goals!