Extremely enjoyable!

Out for a family celebration last night ❤️ was extremely enjoyable. Though I can walk with help, for practicality and ‘comfort’ I took the wheelchair last night. Though I hate it, it’s got some good points! The first bar was so busy but as I brought my wheelchair it makes most nice people more aware and make space for you. As the first bar was so busy we moved on to another. It was very busy as well so we went to leave and kindly a man followed us out the door and told us he and his friends were leaving so we could have his party‘s space and seats! How kind! I imagine he may have went to the effort due to seeing my wheelchair and seeing we would really appreciate the space! How thoughtful and considerate! It’s reminds me though I detest the wheelchair sometimes it gives you more opportunities like getting something you may not have had before and brings extra kindness out! 🤷🏻‍♀️