19 weeks = Mrs Anderson

I’m very excited, delighted and looking forward to future.

At the same time I am so heartbroken at my current situation. I woke myself up at 3/4am crying because I was feeling so sad that I can not walk and live an independent life.

Point of this I didn’t sleep well last night and woke myself up at 3.30am with sadness and crying cause I felt my life was sh*t. I can’t walk independently and need more help than others to function but I saw a Tom Parker story on the tv this morning and I felt very guilty about feeling sorry for myself. Yeah ok, I can’t walk independently (at the moment) my wedding is not really going to be how I imagined it pre accident. But ITS STILL HAPPENING! I think hearing about Tom Parker’s story has really been a wake up call. I AM LUCKY I STILL GET TO ENJOY LIFE!

So if you are in a bad place feeling sorry for yourself because of whatever has happened to you, yes that’s totally fine to be sad and wallow in self-pity but once you given yourself time to grieve try and pick yourself up. Remember that sadness happens to everyone, you are not on your own.

I am so lucky. I survived my serious car accident and even though it has made things presently more challenging, I AM FORTUNATE, I AM STILL RECOVERING!EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

My life has been on hold for a few years. But I am lucky I can say it’s continuing.