Mrs Rebekah Anderson

On Friday 12th August 2022, 5 years later than intended, I officially became Mrs Rebekah Anderson! 😁

It was better than I could have dreamed of. Everyone was in a great mood, we had fabulous weather and I managed to walk down the aisle!

Here are some photos and I have attached the links of some of the fantastic people we used.

I was beautified by my friend Chloe ( she did a wonderful job of myself, my bridesmaid and lovely Linda aka mum!

Me before hand, wearing my future Mrs Anderson T-shirt!

After makeup it was obviously hair, but unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the hair getting done!

After hair and makeup it was time to go out and get ready to make my way down the aisle!

I have a video here of me getting up the aisle! I was with both my parents and I think the heat of the day and maybe the worry about not making it made my walking worse than normal, but I still got there which was my main aim!

Here is the video of the day and with the wonderful Celtri playing in the back round!

After I reached the top I stood with James and we made promises to each other by saying the vows!

After the service the day continued to be fantastic! I am not going to write about everything but I am just going to continue loading up media and you can find the links to some of the services used at bottom!! Highly recommend all these services I used, some are online some are not. All services available online links are attached.

These are not all the photos but these are a selection I have available on my phone. I should have more photos in a few weeks and if there is some really good ones I will upload/update! But I was actually planning to make this my last blog post. Thank you anyone who has read this or any of my previous blog post. I wanted to give people hope about brain injury. I received a severe traumatic brain injury in a car crash 6 years ago. I’m still healing. I will be healing forever. But despite this, I got married to the absolute love of my life yesterday. He has lived through this brain injury (nearly first hand through me). My life has improved and progressed, this will continue, and so can yours/other survivors but if you want to progress at all, whether it’s big or small progression, you have to put your heart and soul into it! Thank you for reading this! You can still follow re:broken on instagram @rebekahnesbitt I’ll be tracking interesting/fun bits of recovery and general life there. Follow if you’re still interested in my journey. My main aim for this blog was try and progress to a certain level. I wanted to be independently walking by the time I reached my wedding but not everything will go your way all the time. I can walk, just not independently, YET. You must remember, I know it’s hard sometimes, when you feel defeated, not good enough and ‘broken’ just don’t give up, never give up.