Brain injury doesn’t have to stop fun!

You may know that I was 30 in February!

As I was going to I did not want to risk having any sort of party with friends because of Covid risk and that would possibly have put me back again in recovery so I held off having a birthday bash!

As it was my 30th James organised for me to have my belated birthday this weekend!

It was brilliant! Really enjoyed it! And it highlighted so much, you do not need alcohol to have a blast (I was drinking the alcohol free gin as I just love the taste of gin and it puts me a party mood!) The great company is all you need! ❤️

❤️ it also really helped me feel that everything is the way it was before brain injury. It came out in conversation that people really aren’t bothered by the wheelchair! But (as I’ve said before) I really hate it at times and it makes me feel so different! But last night I was assured that people aren’t bothered by it. I was actually really touched and flattered by something someone said to me. They said that I carry this brain injury struggle so well and I should be proud of how I hold it! I was so touched by this. It really meant a lot. I always try and make sure I’m open about the struggle (mainly walking for me, but I understand that for many, it’s other things that they struggle with even if they can walk. Walking is not everything I must remember that) but back to the point! I was so moved that someone with nothing to do with brain injury and no ties to it at all appreciated what I try and do through this blog. A gentle nudge towards educating and showing people there is so much more to brain injury than meets the eye.