The conclusion (concussion) community

I am a member of the concussion community on Facebook. The admin put this up and I thought I would share as I really connected with it and I felt brain injury in general may find connections in it. Thank you for putting this up ❤️

‘During the first 2 years, I could only see what I had lost as a result of my concussion. But now, after 4 years, I am able to see the things that I gained during my concussion recovery. So, for everyone who is in the phase of just seeing the negative, please keep in mind that things will change. Nothing lasts forever.

I totally understand that it’s hard to believe this when you’re in the same spot as I was during those 2 years. I didn’t believe it myself, BUT it was true. Things became easier, my symptoms did improve (slowly!), and I started to see some positive effects (just a few in the beginning) as a result of my concussion.

After being stuck for such a long time, I finally saw some little trickles of improvements. It felt like I was on the right path instead of being stuck in this negative spiral. I always thought “changing your mindset” was something people believed in to feel a bit better about their situation, but that it actually improved my symptoms was some proof for me that it really works!

Are you ready to take a step towards a positive mindset to optimize your concussion recovery? The Concussion Community offers a lot of classes/courses to help you with that ❤’