Family Sunday.

I needed this badly today. I’m down for some family time with my grandparents and uncle, James is round doing some things in our house. I’ve been getting very upset today. After 5 glorious months, James is moving back to our home as the work is all complete. I’ve done a lot of crying this morning cause I don’t seem to be ever getting out of this mess. 😦 3 years in what seems like actual hell. When will this end?

(Trying to be relaxed in granny’s but still very sad)

my 94 year old grandfather makes me laugh, his memory must be worse than we thought. I’m 27 which you may know but my wee 94 year old grandfather must have sensed my sadness but not realized I was 20 years older than wee 7 year old rebbers so he tried (and succeeded!!) to make me smile by putting an old Disney cd on!