Question and answer session:

Thought this would be interesting for the blog: a Q & A Session. These are questions which different people have asked me, so I wrote them out and answered thinking this would make an interesting blog. If anyone has a question for me they are more than welcome, feel free to email

Remember there is no such thing as a silly question (well except don’t bother asking me for winning lottery numbers, if I knew them I’d be playing them!) LOL

Question and answer session for the blog


It has been three years since your accident.  How would you summarise your current situation?

 I am trying to remain positive because I think that will help my recovery but it is very challenging. I feel like everything and everyone is moving on in life whereas I have already missed out on what should have been three key years.


Are there any areas in which you have been particularly pleased with progress?



Which areas have been especially challenging?

It has been very challenging to make progress in a physical sense, for example walking and having to learn to do things with just one arm. Opening containers or opening my own mail is very difficult and often means that I have to invite others to help. Whilst I am grateful for the help, this can feel like an intrusion in my personal space and this can be difficult for me as I am sure it would be for anyone. 


How do you make sure that every day is worthwhile?


Unfortunately I cannot always do that and often feel like my life is not in my control.


Has your situation made it difficult to maintain friendships?

Yes it can be difficult.  I feel like these are prime years not just for me but for all of my peers and don’t feel like I can participate in the day to day social activities that they might be doing. 

Have you a different perspective on life these days?

I am not so worried about long term plans and tend to live more in the moment. I take every day just as it comes. 


Do you have any beliefs or faith or simply coping mechanisms that help get you through the more difficult moments?

I don’t have any beliefs or faith in the religious sense but I suppose I still firmly believe in the importance of trying to be the kindest you can be to others.  When I am struggling I try to bear in mind that the moment will pass. I find that writing my blog is quite therapeutic and probably practical too as it serves as a sort of diary of my emotions and progress and helps me to keep track of any underlying triggers or emotional patterns.


Have you found that any of your relationships or friendships have taken on a different, perhaps unforeseen, aspect in these past few years.

Yes I have found that some of my friendships have deepened which has been a wonderful and unexpected development. I do worry at times that I maybe cannot bring as much to the party as I used to because, for example, I cannot easily go to places that  I used to go and that this might in some way, in the eyes of others, diminish my personality. In fact the irony of this is that I consider my personality to be exponentially stronger and more interesting than it was prior to my accident. Perhaps not everyone will appreciate this new stronger version of me!  I’m no easy pushover now :]

Have there been any unexpected developments as a result of the TBI.

Yes, I now like tomatoes although I have no memory of liking them but apparently I had started to eat them just prior to the accident but I have no memory of that.  I also enjoy the odd glass of whiskey now whereas before I would have turned my nose up at it. 

Another ironic development is that the TBI seems to have boosted my confidence.  Despite my obvious physical limitations and my droopy eyelid I actually feel more confident about my appearance than I ever did before.  I think what this really means is that I have much more important things to consider than the superficial stuff.