Saturday spent splendidly

Such a great night with James (who you should know by now is my number 1 forever 🥰😍)

We started at The Loft Belfast above ten square for a wee drink/swally!

And we went on to Home for a lovely meal!

When I told Linda – we are going to the restaurant Home for dinner she was confused “didn’t realise James was a chef as well as a banker!”

But the restaurant in Belfast called Home is really lovely!

And then we did an exciting ‘first’ in the wheelchair. Bus home. It was very easy and I wasn’t conscious at all like I thought I’d be!

Like I’ve said before people are more worried about themselves than to notice wee me in the wheelchair. I’m not THAT important. I need to get over myself! Can’t let feeling self conscious ruin a perfectly good evening! No one should let self consciousness win, go out, have a blast and don’t give ‘self consciousness’ the victory and the trophy for winning!