Mountains are climbed one step at a time…

Im in middle of my climb…

Climbing, climbing, climbing..

25th September 2016 my life changed permanently.

25th September 2019. Three years on. My life is trying to adjust to this change.

Everyday feels like I’m in a battlefield. Everyday. Fighting against the monster who ruined my life and took away my independence and destroyed my plans. I had a happy life, that’s all I want ‘happiness’. No one appreciates how easy they have their happiness until it’s gone. So think about how ‘happy’ and ‘lucky’ you are in your situation. The ‘lucky’ I’m talking about is not about money or anything you don’t need – it’s health, ability to do things and people that love you for just being you.

I’m very grateful I have a lot of people around me that just love me for being me regardless if I can walk around or pick up things up they just love me for the person I am regardless of what I can do….

…this is certainly a very challenging situation I am in. It’s a very long climb to the mountain top.