Tonight James and I went to the Ulster match! It was good to be there, cause prior my injury we had been season ticket holders so we had decided this year to be season ticket holders again! (Though this time its in the area suited to wheelchairs)

Though I hope to get out of that wheelchair soon it’s great that there is the facilities that I can go this season anyway regardless of where I am on my journey.

And even better our allocated seats were right in the middle so there is a very slim chance that we could have got a better position if we had of been able to use our old ‘standing’ tickets.

I had another super lovely experience tonight. When we were leaving the rugby we were approached by a lovely lady. She explained she was a nurse in the Royal Victoria Hospital and had looked after me in the RVH. So right at the beginning of this horrid venture. Though I clearly didn’t remember her as I have no memory of the Royal it was so nice of her to take the time to come over and speak to me! So who knows I might ‘run’ into her again! (Run clearly used in very loose terms as it’s a struggle for me to even walk yet!) but maybe one day 🤞🏻