Back to the eye eye Captain!

Today went back to the rvh to see the eye doctors! It was very informative. I went to see the new consultant that is giving me the botox to try and lift my droopy eye left eye lid before even looking into surgery. I also got some photos taken of my eye so they could work out were to inject! (Those photos may also be used for teaching future students, which I am delighted about I would love to be a help to someone who is trying to learn in the future!)

I also went up to the neurology ward I had been in for 4 months when I was first on this nightmare journey.

I went into the ward and as soon as I arrived staff remembered me from nearly 3 years ago, it was lovely. As soon as I ‘rolled’ in I was recognized and it was so good that I got an opportunity to thank people who had been around and looked after me in the hit or miss days at the start of this long, drawn out trip.