In his own words

‘Persistence is worth more than talent’

Tonight the program ‘Ed Sheeran: In his own words’ was on channel 5. Like millions upon, millions of others I love Ed. I have been a mega fan for years, seen him in a few gigs, just love his music and everything about him. He was (unknowingly to him) with me in hospital. Listening to him (I would probably say everyday) when I got to the stage I was able to work my phone. He did something nothing could do in those dark times, made me keep believing that I would somehow get back to where I was meant to be.

Watching that program tonight it was said that persistence is worth more than talent and that really helps me to remember that it doesn’t matter that I was never overly talented in sport or science or the things like that but no one can argue about me having persistence to get somewhere no matter how long it takes.

Thank you Ed for really inspiring and supporting myself and I’m sure others with your very realistic and determined outlook about goals.