5 feet apart.

I know I said earlier I was gonna calm down on the blogs, but we will have to start tomorrow. But I wanted to write this cause 1. My memory is rubbish and 2. I wanted to remember how much I liked this line in the film. It made me feel comfort there is a chance it will do the same for someone else!

Film: Five Feet Apart (a love story based around a hospital for cystic fibrosis)

Lines I liked because I just thought they made a lot of sense.

 There is this one theory I like that says, “To understand death, you have to look at birth.” So, like, while we’re in the womb, we’re living that existence, not knowing that our next existence is just an inch away. So, maybe it’s the same with death. Maybe death is just the next life, but an inch away.

You might not understand it but it makes sense. If we don’t know or understand life before birth how will we understand it after death? You shouldn’t be afraid for when it comes (which is a guaranteed for everyone).