Splendid strutting!

I’m getting very predictable, so gonna apologise. Don’t really know why though. This is just a record for me to keep but I feel like I need to apologise again for me being so predictable. I’m gonna change my name to Paula. Predictable Paula! Predictably the walk in BIM was great – walked right out to Marvelous Michelle’s car after BIM, right into my house and right into the sitting room too!

But the reason I’m writing this blog really is to discuss how the filming for the groups dramatization of brain injury is going well! I’m so excited! We did more filming today and I think we are preforming around April and it will be great! I’ll put the details up for tickets when they are available! I think it’s gonna be good cause it had been written by our group in BIM. It has been written, prepared and preformed by individuals with brain injuries and it’s representing brain injury! What a great idea and it’s coming together so well it shows we might have broken brains (brain injuries) but we can still be entertaining and put a fabulous creative piece together!