Today might be predictable at what I’m going to write about but what I am going to say is not at all predictable!! I didn’t expect this at all myself but i am so happy!!

So as usual once a week is swimming and today was the day I go for a swim! It’s good for my wee brain injured body as your body feels lighter so it’s easier to move and walk. But I always have my instructor with me ‘just incase’. But the instructor felt over the past few weeks I have got a little stronger in myself and more stable, so today for a FIRST she let me swim doggie paddle BY MYSELF!

It felt so good to be swimming in the water moving my body totally alone, obviously she was staying very close beside me. Might have been close but not at all touching me! I was emotional, the swimming teacher was emotional, my Mum was emotional, the list goes on. Basically it was an emotional session!