Wonderful waxing!

Wonderful and waxing are not really words used together… but wonderful is a word I use to describe my experience with waxing at Mandara!


I have been going to Fiona since I was about 12. So Fiona is not only my beautician, she is my friend. She kindly came to the RVH in Belfast to wax my eyebrows when I was an inpatient and when I was in a coma state and also when I got out of hospital and was at my mums (which i still am unfortunately but) at the start when she came I was not really very able to do very much at all! But the past two or three times I’ve got to the salon! And today as usual I walked in and it’s really getting so much better! Even the step in was easier today! It was after swimming so I was tired-ish after the swim but never gonna be too much for determined (but very small) broken rebek!