No evidence for this…

Well I looked it up and there is some stuff on trauma dyslexia but I couldn’t find anything on trauma fixing it.

I had dyslexia through school. I was tested at like 12 and they discovered I had (a mild form) of it. I did the usual things, mixed up ps and qs, struggled with words sounds, hated reading etc. But I really think this brain injury has helped my dyslexia. So I looked this up, I discovered there is a thing called trauma dyslexia were people can develop problems with reading and spelling from head trauma. Made me think if problems can be caused by trauma surely if they were there in the first place they can be fixed too!?

I think something has happen cause now I clearly love writing, as you can tell by this (sometimes sickeningly overdone) blog . I think my spelling has got better too.

Or maybe I’m talking nonsense (that happens a lot now too!)