10 years and crazy things have happened I could never have imagined!

I wasn’t yet an adult ten years ago!

2 photos of me ten years apart. I’m so glad i gave up the bleached hair. If I hadn’t would probably be bald!

In the last ten years..I have left school

I went to university

I graduated university (very successfully)

I have progressed through 5 jobs.

I found my love 😍 (James Obviously!)

I moved out of my parents to rented accommodation

I bought our own first house with my love

I went skiing for the first time

I went and purchased my precious chihuahua children (sonny and lola)

Went to my first music festival which was out of the uk

Got engaged!

Had a major car accident

Got a brain injury

Learning who the ‘new’ me is…

Enough stress there to go bald without the bleach! It’s had its ups and downs but let’s go into this new decade with high hopes!