Where I’ve came from..where I want to go

I was thinking about where I was and where I want to be…what reminded me of it was in the shower.

I shower every day at home. I’ve showered every day since I was about 7/8 and could get in myself. I’m just really craving being able to stand up in the shower again. Though I can stand it wouldn’t be safe to stand in the wet room alone so I have a shower seat. I was thinking this morning when I was in shower on the shower seat how I just hope that one day (hopefully soon) I will be strong enough and steady enough to stand in the shower. How much we have and don’t even think about how lucky we are. We don’t even realize: we have enough water and the facilities/capability to shower every day. When I was in hospital I got a shower once a week and a bed bath the other 6 days! Just made me think – how lucky I am (and most of us) are. I’m just ready and clean this morning, showered and hair washed. BLISS! ❤️