Explaining stuff

As you probably all know if you’re on Facebook when it’s coming up to your birthday you can pick a charity to support as your birthday charity. I obviously picked Brain injury matters (BIM) as I love it!

My explanation on the birthday fundraiser on Facebook: I think that’s a wonderful and quite accurate description about the 1% lost.

“As you may or may not know the 25th September 2016 changed me in a way that you can’t come back from 100%. You can work very hard and get 99% back but a part of you will be different. Not necessarily good or bad just different.

During getting back to 99% I’ve been attending Brain injury matters. Which is a fantastic charity, helping individuals who have experienced brain injury meet others who have experienced that to and learn about ‘the new them’.”

Very happy I could choose BIM to support.

😊 😃