Leaving party!

Haha that’s a seriously exaggerated title! James and I went to Binkys kitchen at dundonald tonight as he is going skiing tomorrow so I won’t see him til next Saturday/Sunday. 😩 wahwahwah. So we made tonight to do something nice together! https://m.facebook.com/binkyskitchen/

And I’m so chuffed with myself I’ve managed to stick to ‘dry January’. Not that I was a heavy drinker but I was getting very fond of a wee g&t/rum. So I’m very pleased making it through January with not so much as a baileys coffee! I think this word is over used by me and others when talking about brain injury ‘determination’ or ‘determind’ but i think dry January has shown my determined wee soul who hates giving people things to say, things like ‘I didn’t think you could’ or ‘I knew you wouldn’t hack it’…or things like that 😎😁😆 haha proved ya wrong! But CANNOT wait for a g&t tomorrow!

James and I just before we went to Binky’s kitchen!