New Me

This used to be me: Rebekah 2016, doesn’t even look like me now.

The ‘new me’ is the me after the brain injury. I’m not happy with the new me. I’m really struggling, I don’t know why.

I feel so bad hating the wheelchair cause I know that some people don’t have choice and can’t do anything about it. And really thinking about it no one would care. Before this happened to me I didn’t think about people being in a wheelchair at all. I didn’t have a care, judgment or really an opinion. But being the person who is in it and labelled that you’re ‘disabled’. I understand this is what I am. But I’m seriously struggling. I’m totally ‘able’ with everything minus walking. I hate that I’m in a wheelchair and am not able to move about myself.

Just so dependent on others. I miss being independent