Life is what you make it.

Will I ever get my life back?

I asked my mum (probably an this unfair question) tonight…

Like when I think about life and things that went on…

– work

– hobbies

– shopping

– walks in the park

– restaurants experiences

– out for a drink

– going to visit people

– parties

– good fun experiences

These seem so out of reach for me at the moment. I was very down about it and genuinely asked Linda (though I am aware she doesn’t know so can’t answer knowingly) but I asked her through torn heart strings ‘will I ever get my life back?’

I’m sure that’s a hard question to be asked by your only child and you can’t say ‘you’ll get it all back definitely’.

Her response was 100% true for everyone, no matter how hollow your heart is and how echoey your chest is. “Life is what you make it!”

Listen to Linda and make yours your own ‘perfect’.