Kiss Me Kate!…

…pull yourself together Kate I’m referring to the show we went to last night!..

My greatest friend Sophie (who is the fantastic ot I talk about). Her and her husband Joey took James and I to see Kiss Me Kate so I could start my birthday celebrations extra early and have a lovely valentines evening into the bargain!

Sophie and I in our seats! ❤️

What made the evening extra special was our seats we had been assigned to were at the very end of the row (not from the side of the room you entered from) we had been allocated those seats so would have been awkward to request a move, the theatre was full and I would not have wanted to create a fuss by requesting people to move, and I’m sure by now you have gathered I like a challenge! So when this challenge came up, I grab the bull by the horns!

Walked with James (very successfully right across the row to our allocated seats!)

So I’m happy as a pig in excrement I managed it successfully! 🐷