I’m not criticizing at all. Just trying to let people know as I imagine I’m not the only person who feels like this. As you are probably aware we (a few friends and I went out for a lovely meal for my birthday- stop playing that card okay) I didn’t want to make a scene trying to walk in and out of the restaurant so I took the wheelchair and just transferred out of it. So the restaurant staff had moved it out of the way in the mean time while we were eating dinner but obviously we had to ask for it back again when we were leaving. As you likely are aware I hate that I need one so it really bothered me when the man that brought it back out so I could use it waited until I was in it and took the handles instead of James and pushed me out. It was kind of him to be bothered to assist James but I just I hated it. It just made me uncomfortable and more conscious.

So I just want to let people know so they can be aware. People that use a wheelchair may or may not be comfortable with you pushing them in the wheelchair – ASK. Ask them or someone they are with. Just ask. Don’t assume. This is not at all meant as a criticism just a warning because I wouldn’t want anyone else to feel like I do and maybe not be such a big mouth as me so won’t let anyone know!