Single leg!

As usual I’m going to report on swimming! It was great! And I had another (I think significant first!) I was standing facing the side and successfully raised my left knee! I hope this is the next thing to come I will be so happy if it arrives!

Something you don’t think about but when you can’t do it it’s so annoying! Single leg knee bends! Proper irritating as I’ve got to the stage my left leg lifts no problem but it’s stuck straight (like a wooden leg as discussed in a previous blog) so the bend is hopefully the next thing that will come. How many more years will it take for (as I’ve said before ‘basic functions’) you take for granted, like knee bends to return?

I think I’m just overly irritated. 😣. My life is flashing before my eyes. 🙄 I wish I had some happy news to tell you – suppose it’s nearer the weekend than last night 😆💚