others terms

It’s Sunday. Day off. No one here. I should be happy but I’m not. Woke up wailing. I’m just so sad. I probably paint quite a positive picture. Which is true at the time of me writing the blog. But writing really helps me. I suppose it could be like counseling yourself. You go get your problems off your chest by speaking them. I get the same effect writing them down.
The reason I wanted to do one this morning was I’m really not in a good place. But just to back up last nights blog, so you don’t think I’ve made it up and I’m a total lier, it was a great night but I think we are in a evident peak and trough scenario I blogged about the other day. Last night was a peak so today I’ll tumble into a trough. It’s started already. I wish it hadn’t but this morning I woke in a wailing state. When will I ever get my life back? As right and always as it was pre tbi? The the last 3 years it’s on others terms.