Abilities you don’t know about are found

That’s another thing I have to thank this brain injury for not only have I met some unbelievable people and got confidence in myself, I have discovered skills I didn’t think I had before.

Like painting and writing (though they are things seriously based on personal taste so it could be argued both ways!) but as I am the new confident me (but not cocky – I wouldn’t like to be cocky so I try never to be) it’s definitely my taste of both art and writing that I think they are good paintings and (mainly) good writing ✍️!

To keep it all on one blog, I’ll tell you about today too. Today I went to rabiu (the brain injury unit) to get 7 Botox injections! As much as I say I hate the place, I don’t really. It’s a great facility that looks after individuals when they are at a very vulnerable stage of injury/recovery so big up all the rabiu staff they are the real heroes. 🙏🏻

(Sorry James you’re still my hero!)