You don’t realize how lucky you are…

My wonderful friend Sophie the ot was here tonight. As always we had a lovely time but I think getting the botox injections this week has been tiring and tonight it was evident. I’m normally some ‘craic’ but tonight I was minus craic 😂 poor Sophie! But she had a look at my left arm and stated she thought the hand was looser which is what we want from the botox injections!

Sophie looking beautiful ❤️
Me with my dodge looking left eye with the beautiful Sophie!

Sophie and I spoke quite deeply tonight about appreciating the boring days. Yeah 1. you might have loads of work to do, yeah 2. maybe all your mates are all busy today so you have no friends to hang around with, yeah 3. Maybe you have to clean your house and 4. yeah you might have to visit family members

But yeah, just be glad you can do all those things. They might seem like chores but when you can’t it do them freely off the bat it will feel like you’ve won a prize when you can do them!