House party!

I think this actual app deserves a blog post too! I had my first actual House Party on the app house party! You can get it from the App Store: it’s free.

This app is brilliant cause it lets you have an actual virtual ‘house party’. Last night I had a wee ‘house party’ with myself in my parents house, James in our house (these houses are both in Belfast), James sister and her partner in Dramara, his other sister and partner in Manchester!

The app does not only let you all be all together were you can chat, have a drink together and see each other too. It lets you play party games! So you can be in nice (or nasty) competition with each other too!

I think this kind of thing could be a serious life saver, not only in this virus situation, but also if you’re separated by friends and family across seas!

Or you can’t be bother going across the road to see a neighbour – this app will be a life saver!