Kind of…

Walked in the street with James before dinner.

I think I was under false pretenses. It was well harder than I ever imagined. At least James was with me for balance. If he wasn’t I would have ‘been on my ear’ and couldn’t have done it alone.

I have to seriously work on my balance if I get to go on my own – which I really want to eventually.

Also I have to remember I was wearing splints (that I need at the moment) which I don’t want to be forever dependent on!

Basically tonight made me hit (fall) the ground with a serious thud (not running)! I think I wanted to hit the ground ‘running’ (I can’t run so obviously running wasn’t an option so i would have ended up flat on my face) – my hopeful idea was held together by flimsy false per tensions. Maybe one I needed though to bring me back down to the ground and take my head out of the clouds.

Serious reality check. I’ve got such a long way to go…