Vets are heroes too!

I understand that doctors and nurse are the heroes at this terrible virus time.

Heroes normally don’t work alone. I think pets can be really comforting in terrible situation such as injury recovery and just mental stability in general.

My wee lovely Lola is having a bad time with her eye. She has had this issue before and got cream, but this time the cream hasn’t helped and she is having trouble opening her eye. Since we got the dogs we have always taken them to cornerstone vets on the Castlereagh Road. (

So this morning we were very worried about her wee eye!

As you can see here her left one is much more closed than the right.

So we rang Cornstones and the lovely vet Peter is going to see her today! But rightly due to the present situation my dad is just going to meet the vet out in the carpark and hand her over! Hopefully it’s nothing too serious and she’ll be fine. But this morning made me so thankful that there are still some animal hero’s (their doctors!) are at work.