Day 6 – a person who inspires you

This was quite an easy one for me. It’s definitely my friend, Gemma Bromley, who I only know because of this brain injury stuff. In the early days of this brain injury journey so when I first got home from hospital I was searching the internet for hope. I came across Gemma on Instagram and sent her a message on her instagram. She was lovely and offered me support straight away.

She is quite far down the road (18 years) and has had a good recovery!

But talking with her about her life and how she has conquered her demons has given me so much hope for the future! Soon we will all be able to learn and get hope from her story!

Her memoir and self help book ‘Half a Head’ is coming out in the summer. If you subscribe to emails at you could be the first to know!

So the lovely ‘gem’ 💎 Gemma is my day 6!