I did something that won’t sound impressive but I think for my lack of movement and only one side really working it is!

I was having breakfast and I was moving the phone holder and the phone hit the floor! And to make it even more challenging it was on my weak left side. As it was probably the most important thing I own! (My phone 😝)! I couldn’t leave it lying, out of reach on the floor! So I got my thinking cap on!

As I had been eating breakfast, I had my washable, metal straw in my coffee. I decided I could use this as a rod to draw in my phone to a place I could successfully pick it up!

There is the straw I used to ‘catch’ my phone! I successfully drew it in to my feet area where I could reach it!

I did this all successfully! Now I’m buzzing! Even a professional mood killer would have a job knocking me off this cloud!