‘Tomorrow is going to be better than today…’

You can use this saying to your advantage, for everyone. In the video he mentioned the brain injury community specifically, but I’m thinking everyone!

Everyone can make tomorrow better for themselves. I never really paid much attention to being ‘positive’ before my injury. Probably because I was quite a positive person naturally.

But positivity is playing a massive part in my recovery. I can really feel it working, maybe it’s the neuro plasticity kicking in, whatever it is I think it’s really working at the moment. Hopefully it continues to work in my favor.

This video was just very honest and it left me with a sense of positivity.

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Tomorrow is going to be better than today..say it again and again This belief has led me from laying paralyzed in a hospital bed 12 years ago to today, having experienced life in countries around the world. The beauty of neuroplasticity, the brain’s unique ability to fix itself, has enhanced my life! By staying optimistic and truly believing that every day will be better than the day before, nothing has proven to be out of reach. Stay focused, work hard towards your goals, believe in your heart that you will succeed..there is no limit to what you will achieve! #traumaticbraininjury #braininjuryawareness #inspiration #optimism #keepmovingforward #progress #neurology #motivation #physicaltherapy #occupationaltherapy #unstoppable #better

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