Never a vacation!

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It’s been a rough summer. I’ve struggled. Lots of people have struggled. And I really want a vacation… 🏖 . Looking back at that first year post injury when I tried so hard to keep working… I had to reduce my hours, my symptoms dictated what I could do and when I could go in, and I just kept pushing and pushing, when all my brain needed was a break. I never really had a vacation because deep down I think I felt I didn’t deserve it. Because I spent so much time off, at home, resting and recovering. . But I NEEDED a vacation. I needed a break from all those efforts to recover. And maybe if I had taken that break, zoomed out and gained some perspective, I would’ve realized that I was working way too hard to get better (and as a result, in fact hurting myself). . Because I can never truly take a vacation away from the concussion. It comes with me. I can’t just shake it off and spend a few days relaxing away from it. No one can. And so many people live with a struggle, stigma, illness, discrimination, oppression, that they just can’t get away from. . We all deserve a vacation. In fact, we all deserve more. . Here’s to whatever vacation we may be able to muster to at least give ourselves a break from the thick of it all 🍻 . 💜 Krystal . . . . . #TBI #Concussion #PostConcussionSyndrome #ConcussionHealing #ConcussionManagement #ConcussionRecovery #ConcussionsSuck #ConcussionLife #TBIAwareness #TBISurvivor #TBIRecovery #ConcussionProbs #BrainInjury #BrainInjuryAwareness #chronicillness #vacation

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This wee video from Krystal at on Instagram is spot on I think. You never get a holiday from brain injury.